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Ballard is a neighborhood in northwest Seattle. While mostly residential, the locks are a major tourist attraction. Nearby smaller neighborhoods sometimes falling under Ballard's umbrella include Phinney Ridge and Greenwood, extending to the northeast, and Crown Hill directly north. A small commercial district extends along Greenwood and Phinney Avenues.

Further to the east, the Greenlake neighborhood surrounds, reasonably enough, Green Lake (both spellings are common). The lake and its surrounding park are one of Seattle's best places to jog, rollerblade, swim, and rowboat.


Known locally as "Snoose Junction," Ballard has traditionally been the home of Seattle's Scandinavian immigrants, and as a result there's hardly a Seattleite who hasn't heard of lutefisk (preserved whitefish) or lefse (a flatbread made with potatoes). Historically a working-class area supported by several sawmills and a fishery, Ballard now has an increasingly young and diverse population. Due to its close proximity to downtown Seattle, Ballard's property values have soared, causing many long-time residents to move elsewhere. Though becoming increasingly trendy, Ballard still manages to preserve its blue-collar image as well as its Scandinavian atmosphere to a great extent.

Phinney Ridge and Greenwood are residential satellites of Ballard, with a single shared commercial strip running along Phinney and Greenwood Avenues (forming a single street with a jog in the road at 67th St.)

Get in

By car: from downtown Seattle, the simplest way into Ballard is to drive north on 1st Ave, veer left at the foot of Queen Anne Hill (where 1st Ave, 1st Ave N and Denny Way meet), then follow the arterial northward until you cross the Ballard bridge. Turn left on NW Market St.

For the Phinney-Greenwood corridor, take Aurora Ave. across the bridge, then exit at Green Lake Way; take a left on 46th St., then a right in four blocks onto Greenwood Ave.

By bus: Catch the northbound Metro Transit[1] route 15 or 18 on 1st Ave, or the route 17 on 3rd Ave.







Central Ballard collects most of the area's restaurants, on or near Market Street. 15th Ave. NW and Greenwood Ave. house most of the rest.


Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, and Crown Hill



Phinney Ridge




There are no hotels in the Ballard area. There are a few options nearby:

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