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Roi Et is a town in Central Isaan.


Roi Et is the province located in the middle part of northeast Thailand, and established over 200 years ago. It used to be a very large and glorious city named Saket Nakhon having 11 city gates and 11 satellite cities or subordinated communities under its ruling. Since there have been several developments in various aspects continually from the past thus changing it into a strange place where one can hardly trace its original features.

Roi Et is administratively divided into 17 Amphoes and two King Amphoes: Muang Roi Et, Kaset Wisai, Pathum Rat, Chaturaphak Phiman, Thawat Buri, Phanom Phrai, Phon Thong, Selaphum, Suwannaphum, At Samat, Nong Phok, Muang Suang, Pho Chai, Phon Sai, Moeiwadi, Amphoe Si Somdet ,Amphoe Janghan, King Amphoe Chiang Khuan, "king Amphoe Nong Hee and King Amphoe Tungkao Luang. There are partial areas of four Amphoes located in Kula Ronghai Field, they are Suwannaphum, Kaset Wisai, Pathum Rat, Phon Sai. Roi Et occupies an area of 8,299.50 square kilometres.


The history of Muang Roi Et started around late Ayutthaya period, i.e., a king of Laos with his people migrated from Champasak City to settle down in the area which is currently Amphoe Suwannaphum. Later, during the reign of King Taksin of Thon Buri era Muang Roi Et was moved to the present site while Muang Suwannaphum is still located at its original location till now. In addition to historical evidences, there have been findings of archaeological evidences showing that the area used to be the habitat of pre-historic people. It was also under the influence of ancient Khmer kingdom due to several findings of Khmer style archaeological sites as Ku Phra Kona, Amphoe Suwannaphum; Ku Kasing, Amphoe Kaset Wisai; Prang Ku, Amphoe Thawatchaburi; etc.

Get in

By car

Take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin Road) from Bangkok, turn into Highway No. 2 (Mittraphap Road) at Saraburi province heading toward Nakhon Ratchasima, passing Ban Phai district, Maha Sarakham, until reaching Roi Et. The total distance is about 512 km. and takes about 7 hours to get there.

By plane

Roi Et has an airport, but as of December 2009 it has no scheduled services since PB Air stopped flying.

By bus

From Bangkok's Mo Chit Bus Terminal there are several ordinary and air-conditioned buses going to Roi Et. There is also a bus route from Rayong via Pattaya-Nakhon Ratchasima-Buriram-Roi Et to Mukdahan on the Lao border.

By train

Take the train to Khon Kaen. From there, catch a bus to Roi Et. For more details, contact the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) at 1690, 0 2220 4444, 0 2220 4334. www.railway.co.th.

Get around

Take a Samlor ("three wheels") to get around.

You will always find samlors near markets, hotels, the bus station and in the city centre.

Prices are normally between 20,- baht and 50,- baht. (2008)


  • City Pillar Shrine which is highly revered by Roi Et people.
  • Large Walking Buddha image located amidst the garden.
  • Pedestal in term of long leg bowl containing constitution book and flower clock.
  • Phu Phalan Chai featuring an imitating zoo and artificial waterfall.
  • Health corner where people can come for exercise.
  • Children's playground.

Phalanchai Lake and grounds is now a NO SMOKING area, with a 2,000 Baht fine for ignoring this


Handicrafts are the province's main product, particularly the Isan khaen, a kind of panpipe made from wood and reeds. The best ones are made in the small village of Si Kaew.

Thanon Phadung Phanit is a good place to buy silk and cotton fabric.



Get out

From Roi Et Province, the bus leaves Roi Et Terminal at Thanon Thawa Phiban, Tel. (043) 511939, 512546.

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