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Marinduque is an island in the Mimaro island group of the Philippines.


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Get in

Marinduque Island can be accessed by a number of Ports and by Air via Gasan Airport.

By Air

Currently, Marinduque is served with a direct flight to and from Manila with Seair, the aircraft lands at the Marinduque Airport in barangay Masiga, roughly in between Gasan and Boac. It flies four times to the island every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday [1]. Also, there are talks that Seaair will fly to the islands on the remaining days (tuesday, thursday, saturday and an afternoon flight on a sunday). It is highly recommended that you arrange with the hotel/resort or person you are staying with for transfers to and from the airport as the island does not have any taxis available for hire.

By Boat

Marinduque can be reached by a number of ports from Lucena City, on the Mainland (Luzon). Balanacan Port, Cawit Port or Buyabod Port are the ports of call for Marinduque Island.[2]. If you are to reach Marinduque from Manila, you must take a bus or similar to Lucena City then take a Ferry/Boat from Lucena to one of the ports listed above. Currently Montenegro Lines (MSLI) serves routes from Lucena to Marinduque, but a few others do have a sheduled routes to Marinduque.

As of August 2009, there is already a roro port, Subuquin port, connecting San Juan, Batangas to the port of Balanacan, Marinduque. The route is being serviced by Star Horse Shipping for the marine transport and RRCG Bus Line for the land route.

There are plans to open more sea route to-and-from the provinces of Masbate, Romblon and Mindoro.

By Bus

Marinduque does have direct Bus service from Manila to Marinduque, you must purchase a bus ticket from one of the cities (Manila and Surrounding areas) that is direct to Marinduque. This means the bus will drive you directly to Marinduque from Manila (Of course, via the Ferry along the way).

Get around

Jeepneys, Tricycles and FX's are the main means of transport on Marinduque Island. Prices are negotiated from Driver to Driver, but at the Main Tricycle terminal and Jeepney terminals on the island, their are posted Fixed rates.




There is a wide range of things to eat on Marinduque Island. In the bigger citys such as Gasan or Boac, you have more of a range of things to eat. Resorts around Marinduque do also serve meals, but when it comes to the more rural areas you will likely have less of a choice, typically Filipino food is only served around the rural areas. Street barbeques can be common around some sari-sari stores and the city areas. In some resorts you also have the option of cooking for yourself.


There are many bars on Marinduque Island that can offer you whatever your drinking need is. Most of the normal bars can be found in the main citys whilst in and around rural Marinduque you have Sari-Sari stores and beach-side-bars. A number of karaoke bars are dotted around the island, where you can usually find a drink nearby.



Gasan has a number of hotels and resorts spread out along the coastline.


Torrijos has primarily resorts located along the coastline.


Boac has a number of hotels and resorts available.

Tahanan sa Isok[5]. A lovely 15 room hotel in Boac offering all of the modern amenities to make your visit in Marinduque a most memorable and comfortable one. The hotel offers a restaurant, a secluded garden and a swimming pool. Located on a quiet street but only a short walk away from the festivities during Lenten season.

Santa Cruz

[[Santa Cruz]] has a number of hotels and resorts available.

Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown behind Ssnta Cruz Municipal Building, and in front of Fire Department and inside [Oromismo Bldg]., you will find the following tenants: D’Marge restaurant, Murillo Dental clinic, Medical Specialty offices,Yanoo gifts/boutique shop,Best Cellular sales and repair and Hair groom Barbershop. 1st class hotel ever built in 2008, a 4 story cemented building dedicated to the people of Santa Cruz Large bedrooms and fully air-conditioned Dependable and ample supply of Hot and Cold running water on premises Dependable owned power generator is on the premises in case of brownout (loss of local power) Hotel floors completely tiled. No carpets. All accessories such as bed spreads, bed sheets, pillow/covers, and bathroom fixtures are all imported from the U.S.A. There are Stores and Offices available for rent and ideal for jewelry pawnshop,banks,offices,branch offices,etc. Clean – Exterior and interior. Courteous staff - 24/7 days on duty Banquet hall available for rent for parties or conferences located on the top of the building-4th floor. Laundrymat is on the premises, washing machine and dryer imported from USA.nO MORE PALABA IN THE RIVER, JUST PUT IN THE WASHING MACHINE. SMELL FRESSH. oromismohotel8@yahoo.com Tel. 011-6342-321-2024 ==

Stay safe

Like any other place in the world, it is unsafe to flash all your money or belongings in public, or leave them sitting around unattended. Marinduque has a very small crime rate, in fact one of the smallest in the Philippines, But this doesn't mean you should leave all your stuff hanging around. It's wise to take care of your stuff wherever you go in the world as you travel.

Get out

To get out of Marinduque, you simply have to get to one of the nearest ports on time. Jeepney's, tricycle and FX's can always take you to the port. In the larger cities, such as Gasan, Torrijos, Santa Cruz and Boac the Bus Liners tend to stop off at the local terminal. They wait until the bus is full or when it's time to leave for the Port. If your unsure of the time of departure for the Port, ask around, especially to bus or jeepney Drivers. They always know the right time.

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