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Janda Baik is a village town in Pahang, Malaysia.


Geographically located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia(03 31N Longitude 101 55 E)ranging from 1500 to 4500 feet above sea level.The climate here serves in between 23° and 28°Celsius during the day and below 22°Celsius in the evenings. A simple Malay kampong or village with a population of approximately 1000 people. Janda Baik is set amidst a small valley bounded by thick rainforest laced together with picturesque streams and cool rushing brooks of waterfallswith. Located approximately 45km and about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, the place is a popular holiday and recreational destination for city folks, not to mentioned foreign visitors especially global backpackers.

"Janda Baik" means "the good widow" in Malay. As the story is told by local folks, in the old days a path that connects Selangor and Pahang beats its way through the village. It was said that a mercenary, who was returning after fighting in a civil war in Selangor stopped at the village for a rest and to nurse some wounds he had sustained in battle. Upon seeing this ragtag team in the vicinity, a kindly widow immediately offered help and tended to the mercenary's wounds. The man was thankful and deeply cherished the kindness. As a mark of respect for this kind widow, the leader of the warrior pack would always advise his men to call on the woman whenever they were in the vicinity.

Friends of Janda Baik (FOJB)[1] was set up to promote an awareness and importance in preserving and protecting the true beautiful nature of Janda Baik and it's surrounding hills and streams, it's ecological system while keeping and sustaining the original existing concept of Malay 'kampung (village)' environment and development.

Janda Baik had experiencing an increasing visitors due to it's strategic location for weekend escapism. It attract investors to come here and build up semi-resort type accommodations, commercial facilities and training camps. However, the need for controlled development has to be taken into placed in order not to lost and destroy the originality and tranquility of village character.

The other challenge facing by Janda Baik citizens is the rape of it's surrounding hill due to the illegal hill farming and de-forestration activities. These had resulted to the rise of temperature climate, pollution to river streams, erosion and landslip and decreasing the stream water level.

Nevertheless, Janda Baik has wide numbers of semi-type resorts that offer motivational courses, obstacle challenges , flying fox and abseiling. Camping grounds are available. Backpackers chalet however still very limited.

For those who wish to pursue with rainforest trekking and 4-wheel dfrive trails, there are a local run organisation that faciltated such.

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Directions Janda Baik is just 45 kilometers North of Kuala Lumpur and 1/2 hr drive from kl via Gombak-Karak Highway.After the first tunnel turn left,make a U-turn and turn left after petrol station PETRONAS and MCDONALD. On that left turn, all the way in and there will be a junction and a 'Welcoming Arch', turn right. From here, it is the main access to Janda Baik. There are signboards along the roads. Along the journey, you will see TanaRimba and Electricsola Factory on your right side. After the factory, either turning left at the T-junction at the Janda Baik's surau (mosque)which is on the left side of the road or just keep on going straight in, it will somehow, takes you to the main Kg. Janda Baik.

Transportation From KLIA, KL International Airport - You can use either the ERL (Express Rail Link), taxi or shuttle bus, get down at the KL Sentral. From KL Sentral, you can either rent a car or get a taxi to go Janda Baik. Car rental prices are varies and according to the company. Taxi charges are ranged from RM 100.00 to RM180.00 for a one way trip. Few of the major resort in Janda Baik such as the Seri Pengantin Resort provide an airport transfer for its guests and advance reservation is required. Charges applies and must be made upon reservation.

Airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport - 100km


Janda Baik is a good place to seek rest and recreation because of its proximity to Kuala Lumpur. The following are the interesting places that one should explore and enjoy these unique experience.


Rainforest TrekkingJanda Baik holds local avid trekkers and offer guide to those interested. This are fully run and managed by local trekkers. They are very active in nature preservation works and rescue mission. The trails varied from a day walk to a week depending on the peaks trail along Banjaran Titiwangsa ( Titiwangsa Range) natural rainforest. Contact: +6019-2031256 (Adino).

4-Wheel Drive Trails These are fully run and managed by local Janda Baik . Location Kg. Hulu Lurah, Janda Wan Sharizan Baik. Contact: +6019-611 2124 (Zaini)




There are a few resorts and homestays available in Janda Baik for accommodation.


Tourism Pahang, Malaysia [2]

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