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Antalya is a province in the southern Mediterranean region of Turkey. Antalya Province is more or less co-terminous with the Turquoise Riviera with clear waters and beautiful Mediterranean coastline, the region is great for divers, swimmers and yachting.


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The province occupies both (west and east) coasts of Gulf of Antalya, a large indentation of Mediterranean Sea, and some places more inland. In general, the terrain is mountainous, with mountains usually ascending from right at the edge of the sea.

Tourism scene in the province varies from all inclusive resorts with an abundance of palm trees mainly serving package tourists in east and south of Antalya, to hippy-ish backpacker destinations such as Olympos, and charming quiet towns like Kaş and Kalkan in the southern reaches of the province, with a wealth of Roman ruins all around in the mix and mountains overlooking the narrow coastal strip.

Get in

By plane

The only international airport in the province is Antalya Airport (IATA: AYT; ICAO: LTAI), located in the outskirts of Antalya. Another one, Gazipaşa Airport, about 40-50 km southeast of Alanya, is under construction. For southwesternmost sections of the province, such as Kaş and Kalkan, the int'l airport in Dalaman in the neighbouring province of Muğla is actually nearer than Antalya Airport.

Get around

By car

D400 Highway enters province from its both western and eastern extremities and traverses the whole province with closely following the shoreline, and thus connecting all significant coastal cities and towns (i.e., all of those relevant to travellers).

By thumb

People in the province are not very friendly towards hitchhikers. But unfriendliness here should not be taken as that you will be shown middle fingers or that they will stop next to you, express some nasty comment, and accelerate as fast as they stopped: They just don’t stop, and behave like you are not even there. Even if you are a very good stop (nearby traffic lights, lots of cars, and a large shoulder to pull over), expect to wait at least two hours for a lift (at least in eastern and northern sections of the province: the highway between AntalyaAlanya and the highway north from Antalya), but maybe that was the general unluck of two males hitching together. Hitching from around Olympos (in the western section of the province) is definitely better, though.

On foot

Lycian Way, a waymarked hiking trail, connects the village of Hisarçandır southwest of Antalya with Olympos, Finike, Demre, Kaş, Kalkan, and Kınık along the coast of southwestern peninsula of the province (the ancient Lycia), as well as a number of off-the-beaten-track Lycian and Roman sites and Fethiye out of provincial borders.


The telephone code for Antalya Province (whole of it) is (+90) 242.

Get out

While Antalya Province has some of the finest beaches of Mediterranean Turkey, Turkish coast isn't all about Antalya Province. The following are some of the nearby places that are also worth a trip:

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