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Adama [1], also known as Nazareth or Nazret, was the capital city of the Oromia region of Ethiopia from 2003 to 2006, at which time the capital was moved back to Finfine (Addis Ababa). It is a popular weekend destination for residents of Addis Ababa and hosts many governmental and non-governmental conferences.

Get in

Adama lies approximately 100 km southeast of Addis Ababa, along the main highway that leads to Djibouti via Dire Dawa. Buses to Adama depart from the Nazareth bus centralstation in Addis Ababa, and they do not follow a strict timetable. Generally the driver waits for the entire bus to fill with passengers, though usually this means that buses leave at least once an hour. The journey takes about two hours. Service may be disrupted during fuel shortages or holidays. Minibuses serve the same route at night after the bus stations have closed.

The Addis Ababa-Djibouti railroad runs through Adama.

Get around

Street names and addresses are not discernibly marked (if, indeed, they are used at all). The Addis Ababa-Dire Dawa Road is the main thoroughfare through the town. Blue-and-white taxis use fixed routes along major streets, and cost less than one birr per person, per ride. These will pick up and let off other passengers along the route. It is possible to hire a taxi for private use (called "contract") for a higher fare, which should be agreed upon in advance. A horse-drawn cart, or gari, is even cheaper than a public taxi.


climb the beautiful surrounding mountains including "Kechema",take a short ride to "Sodere", a resort famous for it's natural hot volcanic water, swim in Sodere's olympic size swimming pool,take a ride on a local horse pulled taxi called "gari"


The famous "tibs", or "Kurt", raw or roasted beef in the city's famous restaurants specialized in serving roasted beef dishes



The dialing plan in Ethiopia changed on September 17, 2005. City codes changed from two digits to three digits (or, from outside the country, one digit to two digits) and phone numbers changed from six digits to seven digits. Most telephone numbers in Adama use the city code 022 (or simply 22 from outside Ethiopia), though some numbers use 011 (which is the same city code as Addis Ababa).

Internet access is available at some hotels, as well as at various internet cafes. As of 2004, internet access in Adama is made exclusively through dial-up connections, and is slow enough as to be impracticable, particularly since usage is charged by-the-minute. Internet access is more reliable and faster (even via dial-up) in Addis Ababa.

Get out

Adama is about 25 km north of the spa town Sodere. Minibuses will take passengers to the entrance of Sodere for a few birr. While there is a large hotel at Sodere, the resort is perhaps more well-suited for day trips, as accommodations are better in Adama.

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